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Our News on this web site has a different slant on Bicycling than is commonly found on the internet, much of which is race oriented or news of new products.   We have included links to some of those sites at the right.

OUR news covers items that affect everyday cycling in subtle or unusual ways, as well as editorials on the GOOD news about cycling. 

Editorials and Opinion

Professional Driver on a Closed CourseA discussion of dangerous automobile advertising

Riding Toward the Fold  An observation on the bland state of Cycling Magazines in general

A Philosophy of Bicycling More than a toy, more than a means of transportation...

Where are the Women?   Why does bicycling seem to be such an overwhelmingly Male activity?

Are Bikes an Addiction?  This lighthearted discussion  reveals the nature of bicycling, that it is an addicting activity.  Hardly anyone quits it cold turkey.

Five Different Reasons. As if you NEED a reason to ride a bike, here are five you never heard of before.

PWORB. Do cyclists marginalize themselves by identifying too strongly as cyclist?

Cycling Art by Taliah Lempert

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Check out for some heartfelt paintings of bicycles.  Link will open a second window that takes a while to load due to the elegant montage of images in the introduction page.  It's worth the wait.

Bike Poetry

Current Items

The Nevada Plan

Nevada' State Education Officer in the Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety has plans for bicycle and pedestrian education in the schools.  With support of upper management behind him, perhaps this  state government can set an example for others.

The Florida Highway Patrol "Gets It"

Florida Highway Patrol takes steps to raise driver awareness of cyclists rights and safety.

Laying Down the Law About Bicycles - Virginia

Charlottesville Virginia area Law Enforcement Agencies call a press conference to "Lay down the Law" about bicycles mixing with motor vehicle traffic.    Who came out on the short end?  This official document (printed here) might surprise you. 

Year 2000 Version

In a continuing program of equal rights for bicyclists, the Charlottesville Virginia area Law Enforcement Agencies have updated their position in this the July 2000 public memo.

Bicycles the Salvation of Atlanta?

One might think an article about a city with growing gridlock would at least mention cycling as an alternative.  One might be wrong.

Honda Attacks Bikes

Attack Ads.  Are automobile companies starting to see a threat in the rising popularity and demonstrated practicality of bicycle commuting?

Bicycling In Cuba. By Necessity rather than Desire, Cuba relies on the bike. Read Wade Eide's article about the extensive use of bicycles in this island nation.


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