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Donations And Sponsors


Robert Heinlein in The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress said, "There's no such thing as a free lunch". Somebody has got to pay the bill. For websites located on Xoom, Tripod, and Geocities, the site is free but the reader gets to be annoyed by ads. In addition those sites have trouble getting listed by the search engines, so the reader may have trouble finding them. On sites with banner ads, the download time is longer and the ads are frequently annoying.

Here at Bicycling Life, we wanted to provide two kinds of services: 1) a good site for bicycling readers to learn about cycling and 2) a good site for bicycling writers to publish their thoughts on. These services do not benefit us (monetarily), and they take a good bit of our time, but we want to do something to help others.

Unfortunately, there is still a bill for web services. Having rejected "free" web sites and ads, the editors find themselves doing the work and paying the bill.

We therefore would like to ask for donations. We do not want money to pay for our time, the work of our writers, or for our personal computers and programs. We just want support for the web site itself. As we have already paid for the domain name, the only support we need for this year is for the web-hosting fee, which will be under $300 per year.

In return for your donation, we will list your name as one of our sponsors (or an alias if you prefer) at the bottom of this page and will allow you to post a url or email address if you so desire.

When we cover our costs, we will stop accepting donations for the year. We do not intend to make any personal gain from your donations. 


Our Second year has been a great success!

Help us continue!

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