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Welcome to Bicycling Life


The purpose of Bicycling Life is to promote bicycling by demonstrating that legal cycling on streets, roads, and highways is safe, clean, healthy, enjoyable, economical, and beneficial to society, and to provide bike riders with the information and encouragement they need to become vehicular cyclists.

We've built this Website to counter the great deal of misinformation and unfounded worries about bicycling as a means of transportation.  We intend to convince you that you can use a bicycle for most of your daily travel without assuming large risk, inconvenience, or impositions on your time.

This site is not about bicycle racing in any form.  Yet some of us are racers.  This site is not about the latest equipment on the market.  Yet we are all to some degree interested in new bicycle equipment.  This site is not about extreme cycling, yet some of us take extreme long distance journeys and others ride bikes daily winter and summer.

No, this site is here for different reasons.  Fourteen of them to be precise.

  1. To advocate legal cycling and to educate the public that cycling on the roads is legal.

  2. To provide information demonstrating that cycling is a safe activity and to teach safe vehicular cycling behavior.

  3. To show that bicycles don't create the ecological and environmental damage that motor vehicles do.

  4. To show the health benefits of regularly riding a bicycle, to show the need for more exercise, and to explain how much cycling is needed.

  5. To show ways in which cycling can be enjoyed.

  6. To demonstrate that automobile use is expensive, both for the individual and the community, and to show the financial benefits of using a bicycle for transportation.

  7. To show that cycling benefits even those people who do not ride bicycles.

  8. To report news related to all of these issues.

  9. To acquire and make available statistics and other information pertaining to these issues.

  10. To publish articles analyzing these issues.

  11. To advise about riding a bicycle safely.

  12. To provide advocacy information and advice.

  13. To publish feature articles on cycling that demonstrate the safety and pleasure of cycling.

  14. To provide links to articles or site pertaining to cycling, and also to articles of interest to cyclists dealing with health, safety, the environment, and transportation issues.

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