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If you would like to submit an item for publication on the Bicycling Life Website we would be delighted to review your article and or submission.  We are always open to new writers and additional sources.

First: Please review our Charter to make sure your article is in agreement with the focus of our site.  We do not entertain all points of view or articles that are unduly negative.  We prefer upbeat writing that accentuates the positive about Bicycling as a way of life and everyday transportation. 

We place no specific guidelines on length.  Images must fit our pages, and must be provided in digital form (we can not provide scanning services - see your local computer geek for help in this area).  We do not accept nasty articles, derogatory language, and we avoid helmet wars and other religious issues.

Second, prepare your document.  We prefer MS Word, WordPerfect, or HTML files.  We can also accept regular ASCII text files, StarOffice documents, or any document form that can be opened by MS Word.  Please virus scan your document before submitting it.

Third - and very important, bear in mind that this Website is a labor of love, and not of  money.  You will receive nothing but thanks and recognition for your submission.  We can't pay you anything.  Your name and a link to your email will appear on your article if accepted.

Fourth, Send  your submission as an attachment to email to the Editor, or if it is a news item (see news guidelines below) email it to the News Editor.  If the item is large and includes many graphics, please email the editor first and we will provide ftp space for you to transfer your article without plugging up the emails.

News Guidelines:  We are not interested in race results, new product information or general advertising items.  We are not prepared to handle "Event" publicity (such as ride events, meetings, public announcements, ride reports, etc.).  We will entertain well written bicycle tour articles with images.

We are interested in National or Regional legislation (especially if provided far enough in advance to allow public input).  We are interested in Good News or new research results that affect cycling.

Fifth.  We may ask you to make changes in style or to justify something you have written if we believe your argument is weak or un-justified.   We may suggest reorganization or rewriting of portions, or deletion of portions.   We reserve the right of maintaining our preferred "look" and style of page layout.  Final layout control lies with us, but we will entertain your suggestions in this regard, and provide you with final Veto power if we simply can not agree.  When we suggest changes, we are not picking on you.  We do this to each other, and everyone else.  We want your writing to put its best foot forward.

Sixth.  You may retain copyright to your material, as long as you provide Bicycling Life the non-revokeable right to publish the article on the web.  All submissions will be attributed to the author. Copyright statements only appear if requested.  Bear in mind, that copyrights for anything on the web are virtually unenforceable by us or anyone else.  We can not be responsible for what others may do.

Why Write for Bicycling Life?

An article on your own web page may get as much attention as one here on Bicycling Life if you went to the effort of submitting it to every search engine, and surrounding it with other article that draw readers attention.  It's a lot of work. There is power in numbers.  We believe that by providing a well known place for articles on the Good side of cycling that we will build a synergy that will lend enhanced exposure to all our authors.





We Welcome your Submissions. We can't do it all. 


Don't want to write, but still want to help?

See our Sponsors page.


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