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The Nevada Plan

I have a dream and I'm working to realize it here in Nevada.

We're working toward the goal of having bicycle and pedestrian safety taught in all of our elementary schools.  A sixteen hour course is offered to teachers, law enforcement officers, and community volunteers on how to teach children bicycle and pedestrian safety. 

Pedestrian safety will be taught in grades K-2.  A smart pedestrian makes a smart cyclist. The leading cause of death for both young cyclists and young pedestrians is "mid-block dart out."  

If we can train a young walker to stop at the edge, look left, right, left, then it will be easier to train that young cyclistto do the same.

In grades 3-5 we train young cyclists in an increasingly complex set of traffic skills.  We encourage participation in BMX racing as well as road or mountain bike events if they are available in the area. 

About fifth grade, introduce them to earthlink and their program of  "Get Outspoken."  That preparation should last them through middle school, help get them involved in the local community, and help establish a background of knowledge that will serve them well as advocates throughout their lives.   

High school is a tough nut to crack as most kids just want to get their hands on the wheel of a car.  But with the background they have had in the fundamental traffic skills, they'll be better motorists and watch out for cyclists and pedestrians.  If they are so inclined in high school, we will continue to encourage their involvement in cycling sports and, for a select few, we will start bringing them in as assistant instructors to work with younger children. 

By college, they're adults and should be treated that way.   We would like to offer a full range of adult cycling programs grounded in "Effective Cycling" and continue to urge them to get involved in their local community.

That's it in a nutshell.  I've got the support of my supervisors and nothing but opportunity.

Bruce Mackey 

ECI #546KC

State of Nevada

State Education Officer, Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Office of Traffic Safety, DMV & PS

555 Wright Way, Carson City, NV 89711




Bruce Mackey

Nevada Office of Traffic Safety

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