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In the interest of providing access to sites we like, and reciprocal links to sites that link to us we present the following links. 

We may not agree with everything said on the pages associated with the following links but by and large we are travelers upon the same paths. 

Cycling Art by Taliah Lempert

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Check out for some heartfelt paintings of bicycles.


Regional Clubs and Organizations

Connecticut Bicycle Coalition Regional cycling information and advocacy.

CrankFire: Connecticut Mountain Biking Community

BikeTraffic A good Chicago area cycling information site run by The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, who's mission is to improve the bicycling environment and thereby the quality of life Chicago.

Trento Bike Pages  the portal for bicycle touring and recreational mountain biking in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Ohio Bicycle FederationThe Ohio Bicycle Federation (OBF) is the only advocacy organization representing Ohio's bicyclists at the state level.

North Carolina Bicycle Club (NCBC). Has a ride queue sheet for various NC locations and an interesting Documents section.

Bicycle Colorado  Promoting cycling in the Salida Colorado area.

Bicycle Aurora An organization in Aurora (Denver) dedicated to expanding off road recreational paths with transportation funds.

Montgomery Bicycle Club - A local club in the Montgomery Alabama Area.

The Oklahoma Bicycle Society is a non-profit club dedicated to the promotion of bicycling as a safe and enjoyable outdoor activity.

Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Touring Club (San Fran Bay area)

Dayton Cycling Club (Ohio)

Valley Spokesmen The Valley Spokesmen are a San Francisco Bay Area bicycle club, based in Dublin, California

The Dayton Cycling Club (DCC) is a non-profit educational and recreational organization for bicycle touring and racing in the Miami Valley (Ohio).

The Cyclist Touring Club, Cambridge Dist. Assn. They have their "runslist" on-line together with tours, and routes around Cambridge, UK. Anyone visiting the area is welcome to get in touch for information.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's mission is to transform San Francisco's streets and neighborhoods into safer and more livable places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation.

Singlespeeds over New York   Photos of single speed bikes with dramatic backdrops. (Annoying popup).

Nevada Spokesmen Regional  mountain bike web site devoted to the Nevada mountain bike community.

Bent Miles - An Online Bike Magazine.  This site features tours and riding in Germany (written in English) featuring a recumbent trike.  Great photos too.

Bicycle Longmont (Colorado) An advocacy group dedicated to making bicycling more enjoyable.  See also the companion site Longmont Bicycle Resources.

Velo Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) A local site with info for locals and tourists alike.

Touring Resources

Cotslold Country Cycles: Discover quintessential England by biking in the North Cotswolds and visiting Stratford-upon-Avon home of William Shakespeare.

Biking Tuscany is an organization of certified guides offering personalized mountain bike and road bike tours in Tuscany, Italy.  All biking tours are tailored according to your specific requests.

Scamp n' Rascal Cycling Adventures - Pennsylvania: all the beauty of Vermont, all the cultural curiosity of Europe…and none of the traffic. 

Adventure Cycling - Bicycle Maps, Tours & Resources for the Adventure Traveler
Adventure Cycling's  mission is to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle. We help cyclists explore the landscapes and history of America for fitness, fun, and self-discovery.

How to Find a Bike Shop:  An interactive bike shop locater with maps to US Cycling shops.

The Chain Gang:  Tour in style in Italy and France, eating like kings, and drinking like, well, like kings!

Down The Road - A continuing story of a epic Tour through the Americas by bicycle with awesome photography.

Breton Bikes Cycling Holidays An English speaking company based in Plelauff, France, this small company specializes in camping tours as well as hotel to hotel tours of France.  The company prefers to supply everything needed (to assure adequate spares) for worry free cycling. You need only arrive. In addition the site contains many articles and reviews of cycling equipment.

Ruedi Anneler's Travels by Bike through Scotland and along the Continental Divide in North Ameraica.  Great pictures and a nice presentation.

Cycleology Commercial site with touring info,

Eric and Joan's World Trip 26 Month Around the World bike/canoe trip

Ken KIfer's Bike Pages Touring, cycling health and fitness, bicycle safety in traffic, and bicycling advocacy.

Tom's Bicycle Touring Web Touring and advocacy.  Links to articles on advocacy and road rights.

Cycling Sideways The bicycle touring resource for cyclists visiting Wales and England, UK. Travel and tourist info, train timetable links, etc.

Chuck Anderson, the Cycle Tourist: Detailed bike tours down the West Coast and across the middle of America plus shorter accounts from Italy, Austria, and Ireland. Awesome Photos!

This site describes a different sort of tour, a fund raising tour.  There are several of these, and this one is quite unique as it's name implies: The Penny Farthing World Tour.

Tour Mexico with El Tour: Budget Bicycle Tours in Mexico

International Bicycle Fund. A great site for information on touring in Africa, Asia, South and Central America.

Irish Cycling Safaris Tour Ireland by bike while letting Cycling Safaris  "Take away all of the hassles but none of the adventure".

Bicycling in Croatia - Istria tours, guides and food provided.

Bike New England touring information for the Eastern US,  this site provides information about their own tours as well as links to many other sites, with great photos.

Bike Katy Trail  Bike the Katy Trail in Missouri, from St. Charles to Clinton

Far and Away Cycling - Tours in Spain, Corsica, Laos, Mexico. Awesome Photos and tours in romantic and exotic places.


Cincinnati Cycle Club's webpage features a section entitled "BikeLawyer" which has many good hints for cycling advocacy and cyclists' rights. A great resource for cyclists and laywers alike.

Bikes Belong Coalition  A membership organization founded by leaders of the American Bicycle Industry, whose goal is putting more people on bikes more often.  Along with many usefull ideas, this site provides an EXCELLENT document called the Guide to Bicycling Advocacy in pdf format that every cycling advocate should read, No, don't just read it, download it and print it.

Bicycling Community Page A great regional source of information, advocacy and cycling news.

Bicycling for Beginners Why Ride a Bike?

Earth Day Energy Fast What else can you do to conserve energy besides riding your bike?

Cycling Advocacy Information How to oppose dangerous laws and fight city hall.

Maryland Bicycle Advocacy Committee   State Bicycling Advocacy group for Maryland.

One Less Car  Maryland Campaign for Biking and Walking. 

Medicine Wheel - Pikes Peek Region  A pro-active trail maintenance and Advocacy group.

SORBA  Southern Off Road Bicycle Association.  Giving back to the land!.  In exchange for trail access, mountain bikers can perform volunteer trail maintenance and alleviate the Forest Service's shortage of workers. Typical duties include constructing and cleaning erosion control structures, clearing brush and blowdowns, and even constructing new trails. This is not your average page of links. Beyond finding websites with the information you're looking for, this database links you directly to significant web pages within each website, allowing you to jump straight to the information you're after instead of hunting through a myriad of web pages and navigation menus within each website. Add to this a powerful databased search engine that figures out synonyms and even suggests things you may not have thought of, and you've got a tool for cycling advocacy the likes of which the world has never seen! Hurrah!


Eclectic and Varied

Cycle UK to China: 16.500 miles, No accomplice. No support crew. No engine.

World of Bicycles:  How are bikes used around the world?  This site has pictures from all over the globe of everyday cyclists using bikes.  Artistic photos.

Velorution, Larry Leveen's bicycle information "Freeware" Zone.  Includes well written downloadable PDF files on bike commuting, bike laws.  Written for Washington state, but applicable almost everywhere.

Bike Gifts:  Unique gifts for that special Cyclist on your list An eclectic site with great photos from bike travels the world over, as well as stories. It was conceived as an online resource of previously offline material: a reprinter of magazine articles. However, content includes stories available elsewhere on the web, as they aim to be a one-stop shop for quality writing about bicycling.

BicyclePaintings by Taliah Lempert. Cycling art that only a cyclist could produce.

Trans Canada Fundriser Ride Cycling For Children - Summer 2001

Bikelane.Com Huge collection of high quality Links.

Brian DeSousa's Bicycling Page Tours, Advocacy. The ultimate cycling computer?

ICEBIKE: Home of the Winter Cyclist (And Other Crazy People)

Mike's Mega Bicycle Links State by state links to tours, clubs trails and more.

Open Directory, Bicycling   The Open Directory Bicycling category is dedicated to cataloging all the significant cycling resources on the Internet.

Tenuous Links A varied collection of cycling links.

Mike Munk's Bicycling Website.   Articles on touring and some well written articles on other aspects of cycling such as How to deal with Irate Motorists and dealing with Dogs.

Riley Geary's Bike Page - Traffic Stats and bike advocacy. Don't miss the Iron Tortois page!!

Jim Foreman's Favorite Stories about cycling and other adventurs. Don't miss Drat! A Phlat!

Alex Wetmore's bicycle pages Equipment tips and advice is a free web site which allows you to keep a virtual log of your bike rides. Simply create a user account and log your workouts using that account.

Rivendell Bicycles One of the most informative commercial sites on the web. Well worth a visit.

One of the guys who started it all, Breezer Bikes, by Joe Breezer, specializing in transportation bikes, and commuter foldable bikes.




Send us Links.

We are interested in sites that promote the everyday use of bicycles for transportation and recreation.

We rarely link to commercial sites, unless that site exists to promote the safe and routine enjoyment of cycling.

We do not link to time sensitive sites or sites using cycling for social engineering purposes such as charity rides.  For these see GoodCyclist.

Email your  links. We will evaluate them and add them if we agree that they fit focus.


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