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Contents of Our Library

This is the library section of Bicycling Life Web site. 

We intend to maintain a wide variety of studies, position papers and other source material that is frequently used with regard to cycling issues. We don't necessarily agree with all of these studies.  Some appear here just so we can poke holes in them.

Some of these articles appear on other sites.  This may be because we had no room to store it here, or because the copyright would not allow it to be used here.

Title and Link

Description and Summary

Stepping Stones to Better Cycling Future

Malcolm Wardlaw's insightful paper on how the campaign to improve the safety of cycling has had just the opposite effect, namely that of "Dangerizing" cycling. 

Characteristics of the Regular Adult Bicycle User

This is a PDF version (Free viewer required) of the landmark 1975 "Kaplan Study", a master's thesis by Jerrold Kaplan which lead the way in the study of transportational bicycling. This early study was one of the first to show that bike paths were much more dangerous than riding on the roads. At 2.5 Meg, the document is slightly slow to download. These scans of the original provided by John S. Allen.  Html Version available on his website here.

A Survey Of North American Bicycle Commuters

Professor Bill Moritz's first study of Bicycle Commuters, conducted on the internet with self selected respondents.  This study introduces the concept of the Relative Danger index to rank the relative risks imposed on cyclists by various facilities (roads, paths, trails). 

Adult Bicyclists in the United States

Professor Bill Moritz's second study of US cyclists. This study has interesting results regarding accident frequency on various types of Roads, Paths, Sidewalks etc.  It also included demographic data on respondents, descriptive statistics on bicycle use, miles travled, etc.  Results are compared with two prior studies

Risk Factors for Bicycle-Motor Vehicle Collisions at Intersections

This paper by Alan Wachtel and Diana Lewiston reports a study of bicycle-motor vehicle collisions in the city of Palo Alto, California. The study enables the authors to identify factors that are correlated with increased risk of bicycle-motor vehicle collisions, and to suggest engineering practices that reduce this risk.

Traffic Safety Facts

A detailed table of US fatality data for Automobiles, Motorcycles, Bicycles and Pedestrians broken down by State, and Year from 1991 to 1997. This table was compiled from NHTSA Traffic Safety Data.

A Tale of Three Cities

An Analysis of all 1995 Car-Bike accidents in three cities, listing those most frequently found in all cities.  This analysis shows risks to watch out for.   Cyclists can use this report to improve their traffic awareness, and avoid high risk riding styles.

Bicycle Production

A comparison of bicycle production worldwide to automobile production.   It is strictly a Western perception that cars own the road.  This table shows that today, and since the 60's bicycle production exceeds automobile production, currently by 3 to 1.

 The Autumn of the Bicycle Master Plan

This PDF  Document introduces the report on the effectiveness of Bicycle Master Plans in the Netherlands.  In spite of massive spending on bicycle specific infrastructure bicycle use is still Down.  If you build it, they might NOT come.



Other Sources of significant Bicycling studies and documents.

John Forester

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