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Educational Resources for Cycling Safety


Occasionally we come in contact with other sites which are especially useful in teaching safe cycling practices.  These sites are appearing all over the web, and indexing them, is a big job. 

We ask your help.  If you know of a site that has good bicycling safety practices presented in a readable way with good writing style and (preferably) good graphics please email us the link and a bit about the page.  We require a URL and a brief description of the material presented.

If we agree with your assessment, we will add you as a contributor, and add a link to the site.

We will not link this page to sites which give dangerous advice, even if the bulk of the advice is good. For instance, there are several pages recommending good road positioning techniques which also recommend running red lights.  Don't send us that material, we won't use it.

Youth Oriented Resources

Sprocket Man  A safety course for young cyclists in the form of a comic book featuring Sprocket Man, a superhero-like character that points out the safe way to ride on streets and roads.  Available in a downloadable PDF file which can be printed/stapled to form a 24 page (12 sheet) comic book.  Fairly good advice and an attractive style, unusual for a government publication.

Kids On Bikes in Chicago A simple Website by the Chicago Department of Transportation, this site consists of a series of pages that most youngsters can master in a few minutes with adult assistance.  Not a great deal of depth.

Adult Oriented Resources

How to Ride in Boston Traffic (or anywhere)  Short and sweet summary of traffic riding skills written by John S. Allen and appearing on the  "Massbike" web site.   The entire site can also be recommended.

John S. Allen's own on-line version of Street Smarts. This was the basis for both the prior listing, and was used virtually verbatim in the Pennsylvania Bicycle Drivers Manual below.

The Pennsylvania State Bicycle Drivers Manual.  An official publication of the state of Pennsylvania, much of the material in this manual was written by John S Allen.   This is a model bicycle drivers manual which other states would do well to copy.   The entire manual is available on the web.

Bicycle Safety Brochures (Florida Department of Transportation).  This is a great source of Brochures on various cycling topics which are available in PDF format.  You can down load one (or all) and print them directly on your printer or take them to a print shop for two sided printing.  Most of these brochures are designed to be printed on a single sheet of paper and folded into a 3-fold or 4-fold brochure.

Why Cyclists Run Red Lights This short page explains why otherwise intelligent cyclists believe they are safer running red lights than obeying them.  It explains how faulty lane positioning leads to faulty reasoning about relative risks at intersections. There are other good pages at this site.



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Contributors include:

Judy Murphy ECI #429-C,K


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