That was a tough question to guess - so we've made the answer easier.  The list as given is in order of frequency, from most common to least common. 


Here's a more complete list.[i]

#1:  37% of cyclists in Emergency Rooms are being treated for minor leg injuries - i.e.  Road rash, bruises, scratches.

#2:  28% are treated for minor arm injuries - again, things like road rash.

#3: 18% for minor head injuries.  Please remember, we're not talking about brain injuries!   We're talking about minor scrapes and bruises above the neck, excluding the face.

#4: 14% are treated for minor face injuries.

#5: 13% for minor shoulder injuries.

#6: 9% for moderate or worse injuries to the arm.

#7: 8% for minor "other" injuries

#8: 6% for moderate or worse injuries to the head.

#9: 6% for moderate or worse to the legs

#10:  5% for moderate or worse shoulder injuries

[i].Stutts, et. al, "Bicycle Accidents: An Examination of Hospital Emergency Room Reports and Comparison with Police Accident Data,"   Transportation Research Record #1168